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World Blood Donation Day marked with Blood Donation camps in Bokaro

Bokaro: On World Blood Donation Day, significant events unfolded at both Sadar Hospital and Bokaro General Hospital. At Sadar Hospital, a blood donation camp was organised with Deputy Development Commissioner Sandeep Kumar participating as the chief guest, while another camp was hosted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sahyog Trust at the Blood Bank of Bokaro General Hospital, emphasising the community’s commitment to this life-saving cause. 

 DDC Stresses the Importance of Blood Donation

Sandeep Kumar emphasised the significance of blood donation, describing it as a noble act that has the potential to save lives. He stated, “Blood donation is the greatest donation because it can save someone’s life, making it a socially noble deed. Blood donation is the best deed.” His words aimed to inspire more people to participate in this vital act of kindness.

Call to Action by CSR Nodal

Shakti Kumar, CSR Nodal, also spoke at the event, urging everyone to follow the example set by the blood donors. He highlighted the critical role of such donors in maintaining an adequate supply of blood for medical emergencies.

Public Participation and Official Support

The camp witnessed participation from both officials and the general public. Civil Surgeon Dr. Dinesh Kumar and other medical officers were also in attendance, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of the event.

Surprise Inspection of Sadar Hospital

In addition to the blood donation camp, Deputy Development Commissioner Sandeep Kumar conducted a surprise inspection of Sadar Hospital. He reviewed the emergency medical services and the kitchen facilities that prepare food for patients. Necessary instructions were given to Civil Surgeon Dr. Arvind Kumar and Hospital Deputy Superintendent Dr. Arvind Kumar to ensure that the hospital maintains high standards of care and hygiene.

Celebrating 20 Years of World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated globally, and this year marks its 20th anniversary. The theme, “20 Years of Celebrating Blood Donation: Thank You Blood Donors,” highlights the critical contributions of blood donors worldwide. This milestone provides an opportunity to thank donors for their life-saving gifts and to address ongoing challenges in ensuring the universal accessibility of safe blood transfusions.

Additional Blood Donation Camp by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sahyog Trust

Coinciding with this global event, another blood donation camp was organized by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sahyog Trust at the Blood Bank of Bokaro General Hospital. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. BB Karunamay, Chief Medical Officer in charge of Bokaro General Hospital, and successfully collected 20 units of blood. The primary goal of this camp was to raise awareness and prevent loss of life due to blood shortages.

Health Benefits of Blood Donation

Dr. Shravan Kumar, Additional Chief Medical Officer of BGH, emphasized the health benefits of blood donation, such as improved heart health and reduced risk of heart diseases and strokes. He noted that any healthy individual aged between 18 and 60 years could donate blood voluntarily three times a year without any adverse effects.

Strong Support from Medical Staff

Dr. Surendra Kumar of the Blood Center, Counselor Kavita Kumar from the Jharkhand Government, and colleagues Ranjita Ekka, Sonali, Ankita, Vibhutika, Manish, Mahendra, and Kaushal were also present, demonstrating strong support for the initiative.

The day’s events highlighted the vital importance of blood donation and showcased community efforts to ensure a robust supply of safe blood, thus saving countless lives.

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