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A Bright Beginning: Sree Ayyappa School honours top 70 performers, launches new academic session

Filled with excitement and anticipation, the assembly marked the beginning of a fresh academic session at Sree Ayyappa Public School, Bokaro on Monday. Over 5000 students and staff congregated in the school assembly ground, ready to embark on a journey brimming with learning, growth, and boundless opportunities.

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Lighting of the Lamp and Invocation 

The assembly began with the lighting of the lamp by Director Dr. S.S. Mahapatra, Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar and Vice Principals Rajlakshmi and Lieutenant Suresh Nair along with the students chanting the shlok “Asato Ma Sadgamaya”. The event was followed by a mesmerising dance on Saraswati Vandana.

Warm Welcome and Introductions 

The assembly commenced with an electrifying welcome, resonating with enthusiasm by Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar who took the stage, radiating warmth and inspiration as she welcomed each and every member of the school community, the staff at the temple, parents, elders, office staff, all the members of Ayyappa Seva Sangam and invoked the blessings of the lord Almighty. A special moment ensued as the assembly provided a platform to introduce the new Vice Principal Lt. Suresh Nair.

Celebrating Academic Excellence 

Amidst cheers and applause, names of more than 70 toppers from classes 8 to 12 were announced for their academic excellence. Assembly applauded Rajbeer, the state topper in IIT JEE-Mains along with 20 other students. Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar announced the teachers designated with specific responsibilities for the upcoming academic year. Furthermore, the list of house wardens and coordinators was announced.

Encouragement and Values 

Director Dr. S. S Mahapatra congratulated the students and teachers for their remarkable academic achievements, and emphasised on the significance of more values in students life. He insisted upon respect to all, especially receiving the blessings of parents.

Message from the Principal 

The Principal P. Shailaja Jayakumar said that prayer is a way to seek the blessings of the Lord for creating a new day, new hopes, and new opportunities. She encouraged all staff and students to work with steadfastness of purpose, patience strength courage, and commitment.

As the assembly concluded, the atmosphere was filled with the promise of a fruitful academic year ahead, marked by academic achievements, personal growth, and the nurturing of values that will guide the students towards a brighter future.

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