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Chinmaya Vidyalaya students achieve impressive results in IIT-JEE Main

Bokaro: The National Testing Agency (NTA) on Saturday released the results of the IIT-JEE Main Session-2 Exam conducted in April 2023.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya students have performed remarkably well, with more than 85 students passing the exam, including 35 students who have scored above 95 percentile. Aakriti Kumari and Ujjwal Lal have secured the first and second positions in the school, respectively, with Aakriti securing 99.589 percentile and Ujjwal securing 99.246 percentile.

The Secretary of School Management Committee Mahesh Tripathi and the principal, Suraj Sharma, have congratulated the students, teachers, and parents on their outstanding achievement. They have wished them a bright future and hoped that they will continue to excel in upcoming examinations.

Principal attributed the school’s success to the coordinated efforts of the teachers and students. He praised the teachers of the high-flying team of the school and congratulated them, expressing his confidence that the students will continue to emerge as toppers in all competitive examinations under their efficient hard work and guidance.

On this occasion, senior teachers of the school, including Narmendra Kumar, Brij Mohan Lal Das, Neeraj Choubey, Kamod Ranjan Singh, Prafulla Kumar Singh, SN Jha, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, and parents were also present to congratulate the students and teachers.

The following students have secured above 97 percentile marks in the exam: 

Aakriti Kumari: 99.539

Ujjwal Lal: 99.246

Harshit Samrat: 99.018

Ronit Rai: 98.87

Harsh Raj: 98.78

Anshu Aman: 98.50

Shubham Kumar: 98.26

Priyansh Piyush: 98.101

Siddhant Kumar: 98.50

Shreyansh Snehal: 97.88

Siddharth Raj: 97.63

Rishabh Kumar: 97.583

Naman Kumar: 97.22

Swarnika Parul: 97.08

More than 85 students, including Chandrakant Suman, Anurag Ranjan, Himanshu Kumar, Somanshu Kumar, Deshraj Kishan, Vishnu Kumar, Himanshu Kumar, Rishabh Tiwari, Aman Aryan, and Ishaan have also passed the exam.

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