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Pentecostal Assembly School Conducts Successful Fire Drill: A step towards safety

Bokaro: The Pentecostal Assembly School took a proactive step towards ensuring the safety of its students by organising a comprehensive mock fire fighting and evacuation drill on Tuesday. Spearheaded by the school principal, Dr. Karuna Prasad, this initiative aimed to prepare students from classes 9th to 12th for potential emergencies.

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Aligned with the Fire Risk Reduction Programme, students and teachers meticulously organised the mock drills across the school premises. Fire department experts, including Nilesh Kumar, Palash Dutta, A.K. Sharma, A. A. Khan, and K. Dongre, played pivotal roles in strategising and evaluating the drill.

As the fire alarm resonated, students swiftly adhered to evacuation protocols, guided by faculty members. The drill emphasised the importance of maintaining composure and following instructions during crises. Moreover, students received crucial insights into fire types, extinguisher selection, and LPG cylinder safety.

Supervising the proceedings, Principal Dr. Karuna Prasad engaged in insightful discussions with students, highlighting precautionary measures and emergency protocols. The session not only imparted life-saving skills but also fostered a culture of preparedness among the school community.

The flawless execution of the drill underscored the collaborative efforts of Disaster Management Coordinators, CISF personnel, faculty, and students. Pentecostal Assembly School’s commitment to safety sets a commendable precedent for educational institutions.

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