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SAIL’s sustainability trailblazer, Navin Prakash, inspires IIM Bangalore students with carbon neutrality vision

Today marked a significant milestone as Navin Prakash Srivastava, the Head of the Environment and Sustainability at Bokaro Steel Plant, engaged with a diverse group of Post Graduate Programme (PGP) students at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).

The occasion provided, Navin Prakash Srivastava, a platform to discuss the decarbonisation road map of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) towards achieving carbon neutrality. This momentous event unfolded at the renowned educational institution, often regarded as the second-best B-school in India.

Srivastava’s presence at IIM Bangalore’s campus was a testament to the growing recognition of environmental sustainability in the corporate world. His expertise and insights into the critical role that organisations like SAIL play in combatting climate change were eagerly anticipated by the audience.

During his address ,to the cross section comprising of participants from corporates and PGP students, Srivastava underscored the pivotal role that the Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), a subsidiary of SAIL, is playing in the steel industry’s shift towards sustainability. He discussed SAIL’s ambitious commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070,emphasising the innovative strategies and sustainable practices that have been adopted to reduce the carbon footprint across its operations.

He expressed his gratitude for the chance to share SAIL’s journey towards carbon neutrality with the future leaders of India’s business world.

IIM Bangalore, known for its academic excellence and rigorous curriculum, offered an ideal backdrop for this exchange of ideas and insights. The event serves as a reminder of the increasing synergy between sustainability leader like Srivastava and educational institutions like IIMB in shaping a sustainable future of industries. 

Two BSL officials Neeraj Kumar and A Raja also accompanied Srivastava in the session. As the corporate world continues to grapple with environmental challenges, such interactions between industry experts and the academic community become invaluable in fostering a deeper understanding of the path to carbon neutrality and sustainable business practices.

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