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Bokaro zoo gear up to keep animals warm during winter

Bokaro: Though the cold wave is yet to be felt in the third week of November, the staff of Jawaharlal Nehru Biological (JNB) Park has begun exercise to protect animals and birds from chill in this winter. The staff this year is seen more focused on providing natural solutions than installing heaters and other arrangements. Trimming of branches from the trees was done to ensure that sun rays reach inside enclosures without any disruption. Staff believe that animals enjoy seating under the sun during the winter season.

“Though we will place room heaters in cells, arrangements are being made to let sun rays reach inside each enclosure of animals. It will make them feel more comfortable and natural,” said Gautam Chakraborty, incharge of JNB Park. The zoo is closed since lockdown imposed in March. No visitors are allowed. However it gives space to zoo management to take up many developmental works in enclosures and inside the zoo.

Leopards inside their enclosure in Bokaro zoo
The zoo authorities have also collected firewood which they have planned to burn in the enclosures of spotted deer and black bucks to safeguard them from cold waves. “The deer like sitting at few distance from the fire to get them warm during cold. Besides we have also provided hay and installed wooden planks in the enclosures,” added Chakrobarty.

JNB park, popular as Bokaro zoo, is spread over in 127 acres and boasts hundreds of varieties of animals, birds and trees. There are about 26 animal enclosures including tiger, Himalayan bear, leopards, EMU, hippopotamus, deer, snakes and others in the park. The JNB Park is managed and run by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL). It is situated in the heart of the town in Sector-IV area.

Female leopard in its cell in Bokaro zoo

Zoo employees are also in the process of putting curtains on windows of the enclosures of Leopard and tiger to stop cold waves from entering their cells. Chakraborty said that they started placing straws in enclosures of snakes, civets and birds to save them from the cold.

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